In Vino Veritas

a latin phrase which means in wine, truth.
or rather in my truth

Despite the domain name, this website has nothing to do with wines and liquors. I always wanted to blog but hey why don't I include my portfolio and resume to the mix?  So I will be sharing my portfolio, blog, ideas and my slice of truth.
Welcome to my website, My name is Vino. I currently create websites for the unicorns.
Website Developer
I'm currently making websites for the unicorns, I maybe a junior level web developer but heck I handled major projects almost on my own and with some mentoring from my senpai, I was able to finish the projects. But still I got a'lot of things to learn. I'm the lone unicorn.
I like to think of myself as a businessman, but sadly I'm just dreaming. And besides I don't have any businesses to venture in. But wait I do have 12 imaginary bitcoins! That must count for something right?
I'm currently doing mechanical works on our Ford Everest 2010. From changing oil, hid retrofitting to electrical stuff you name it I can probably do it.


I am a front-end, and back-end web developer currently based on the philippines and currently working as a multimedia specialist at thtf marketing solutions inc.